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Natural Soap - Skin Care Products

Natural SoapYour skin is subjected daily to the harshness of the environment and needs all the pampering you can give it. At Two Mules SoapTM we hand blend our all natural soap with natural ingredients to create a wide array of skin care products delightful to the senses. Oils produced by the skin are the best moisturizers you have available. Excess oil can be removed by soap and cleansers, but if the pH of your soap is too high you could be leaving your skin dry and damaged. Two Mules SoapTM Company carefully calculates and measures all ingredients so our natural soaps have a pH as close to neutral as possible, to ultimately clean your skin but not harm it.

Two Mules SoapTM Company uses combinations of olive oil, coconut oil, palm oil, almond oil, jojoba oil, apricot kernel oil, castor oils, and cocoa butter. We formulate our recipes so that our bars are moisturizing, lather great, and smell great. Our vegetable based soaps are made by hand in small batches, using what is called the "cold process method". This method allows the soap to retain the natural glycerin created during the production process. Most commercial companies remove glycerin from soap for use in other cosmetic products. At Two Mules SoapTM we find the emollient effects of glycerin to be quite delightful! Two Mules SoapTM uses no animal fats, which are found in most commercial soaps. We use no extra chemicals to enhance the slow reaction speed when making natural soap, or to increase the soap's lathering capabilities. It takes three to four weeks for the reaction to be completed. The resulting exceptional bar, enhanced by our combinations of essential and fragrance oils, along with dried herbs and herbal extracts, is the ultimate treat for your skin!

Natural Soap
  • We use all plant oils - no animal fats.
  • No animal testing.Skin Care Products
  • Specially chemist formulated recipes make our soap non-drying and skin friendly.
  • We do not remove glycerin from the bars as do many commercial companies. Glycerin is a natural byproduct of the soapmaking process.
  • We add extra emollients such as cocoa butter and sweet almond oil.
  • Many bars contain essential oils and plant material believed to have wonderful therapeutic value.